Sports Injuries

Comprehensive therapy services

Some sporting injuries are sudden in their onset with a clear mechanism of injury. Others
come on gradually for no apparent reason. Either way, we can help you recover in the most
optimal timescale.
Sporting injuries are most frustrating when they prevent you from training and competing to
your full level and even worse if you have to stop all together. Where possible we aim to
manage your rehabilitation alongside modified training levels. There are occasions where
we might advise you to cease your sport for a short period of time. Once we identify you are
in a position to return we will provide you with clear guidance on a graded return towards
your previous sporting levels.
If you have an injury that Physiotherapy cannot treat then we can recommend the best
course of action to take.
Contact us for further information on your rehabilitation and recovery for the following sports

• Muscle Injury / Strains
• Shoulder injury / pain
• Tendonitis
• Joint pain
• Tennis / Golfers elbow