Prevention Physiotherapy

Comprehensive therapy services

Did you bend over and your back went? Was something niggling for weeks and then suddenly became an acute pain problem? Do you play sport and keep getting the same old injury time and again?
Most injuries have a preventable component. However, Physiotherapists spend most of their time helping people who have already sustained injuries. Would you rather get treatment for a painful injury or attempt to avoid the injury altogether? This is not difficult to answer yet injury management remains focused on cure rather than prevention.
As we invent things to make life easier, we are inventing away the natural activities that made us resistant to injury. Level grounds, chairs, cars, TV’s, computers and smart gadgets all decrease the challenge on our Musculoskeletal System, leading to reduced fitness and strength.
The technological revolution has changed our physical world, and so too, must we change our approach to injury management. Preventative actions are now essential.