Comprehensive therapy services

Musculoskeletal problems are more common in children than people think, and can also be
very restrictive as children are generally very active. They can often have a big effect on
children as their bodies are still growing and developing.
We are highly skilled in the assessment and management of Paediatric conditions for
children aged 5-18 years of age. Whether it is from a Bony Fracture, Sporting Injury, Growth-
related condition or specific muscle and joint pain/problem, we can assist in recovery of such
conditions. If the child has a problem that Physiotherapy cannot treat then we can
recommend the best course of action to take.
Contact us for further information if your child has any of the following musculoskeletal

• Sporting injuries
• Joint pain associated with growth spurts
• Knee conditions such as Osgood Schlatters
• Heel conditions such as Severs
• Hypermobility
• Scoliosis