Connective Tissue Massage

Comprehensive therapy services

The therapy effect of connective tissue massage extends beyond mere myofascial release. Engaging both the autonomic and somatic body, the mechanical action of this massage has direct effect on the tissues, increasing blood supply while regulating the ionic exchanges in the tissues.
Like a spider’s web, connective tissue runs throughout the body, binding us together. It is the linking system of all our cells. Changes in the connective tissue are often the result of an illness, physical injury or emotional distress.
Inflammation, whether from injury or pathological causes, can lead to the adaptation mechanism known as Thixotrophy. This is a process where the connective tissues move to a gel-like consistency from a solution of flowing water, nutrients and nerve supply that interferes with neuromuscular function.
Connective tissue massage techniques utilised can include direct hand release, tool assisted release and Cycloidal Vibration Therapy. These techniques have been proven to improve circulation, stimulate soft tissues, improve joint mobility and remove harmful toxins.
As a practitioner of this technique for over 7 years, Andrew has developed excellent palpation and assessment skills in order to tailor the Connective Tissue approach to each of the patients under his care.